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Competition Results 2019

Competition Results from 2019. Results will be listed below when available.

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PTE AV Studio 10 Announced

October 2019

WnSoft are introducing a new PTE AV Studio 10
This product is a successor of PicturesToExe 9 and replaces PicturesToExe 10

There are two versions :-
PTE AV Studio 10 Pro (replaces old Deluxe edition)
PTE AV Studio 10 (replaces old Essentials edition)
Prices will be same as for PicturesToExe 9

What's New in PTE AV Studio 10

  • Dark mode
  • 64-bit application
  • Audio waveforms are shown in the Objects and Animation editor
  • FLAC and M4A audio support
  • HEVC video support
  • Split audio clip, Duplicate audio clip and Separate audio from video clip commands
  • Motion Blur effect for video output
  • GPU acceleration for video playback, encoding and graphical interface
  • Introducing Themes of Slide styles

  • 64-bit Application
    - PTE AV Studio 10 is now a 64-bit application and can use more than 2 GB of system memory for large projects

  • Dark Mode and GPU Acceleration
    - PTE AV Studio 10 offers Dark Mode for the graphical interface.
    - Classical Light Mode is also available.
    - The main window of PTE AV Studio 10 uses GPU acceleration to show graphical interface. Slide list, Timeline view and File list work faster with smooth scrolling

  • Audio Waveforms in the Objects and Animation Editor
    - Easily synchronize keyframes of your objects with soundtrack (Pro version only)

  • New Audio Tools, FLAC and M4A Support
    - FLAC and M4A audio files support
    - Split Audio Clip command
    - Separate Audio from Video command
    This command will extract a soundtrack from a main video clip of a selected slide and insert a linked audio to the timeline on a new track The sound of a main video object will be automatically muted
    - Duplicate Audio Clip command

  • Motion Blur Effect
    - This option simulates a shutter effect in a camera and adds a cinematographic look for your show. Parts of objects with a fast motion will be blurred automatically. This feature available when you create a video (Pro version only)

  • Improved Playback of Videos and Fast Video Encoding
    - GPU acceleration for a smooth playback of video clips in H.264 and HEVC formats
    - GPU acceleration for video encoding on NVIDIA, AMD and Intel graphics. Works 3-4 times faster
    - Support of HEVC and VP9 video files
    - Support of rotated video files
    - Trim Beginning of Video command in the Timeline view

  • Slide Styles and Themes
    - PTE AV Studio 10 introduces Themes of Slide Styles.
    A theme is a pack of several slide styles which can be applied in one click to multiple slides.
    Users can create new custom themes and share them

  • Other Improvements
    - Save/reset font command for a Text object in the Objects and animation editor
    - Show in Explorer command in the popup menu files for files and folders in the File list
    - EXIF Date sorting method for images in the File list
    - Faster work of the File list in folder with a large number of images (1000 and more)
    - New video converter to trim video or downscale resolution
    - Improved quality of edge anti-aliasing for images and video clips with 3D rotations
    - Auto Updates of PTE AV Studio

  • Mac version of PTE AV Studio 10 Beta is scheduled after the final release of Windows version at the end of 2019 year

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21st RPS National AV Festival

Was held on Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th October 2019
at Trinity University, Leeds

The Jury for this event were:-

  • Keith Leedham
  • Bryan Stubbs
  • Jill K. Bunting

The top Awards went to:-

RPS Gold Medal The End of All Our Exploring Mark Allen
RPS Silver Medal Annabel Lee Raymond Bridges
RPS Bronze Medal Dendrochronology Andrew N. Gagg
George & Doreen Pollock Medal
  The End of All Our Exploring Mark Allen

The RPS AV Group awarded 3 Dobson Henry Medals. This medal is given for services to AV and the recipients were John Smith; Howard Bagshaw; Jill K. Bunting

John, Howard & Jill Dobson Henry Medal

Citation for Jill K, Bunting & John Smith (PDF)
Citation for Howard Bagshaw (PDF)

Qualifications for Receiving and Previous Recipients (PDF)

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PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit in AV

Was held on Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May 2019
at Wilmslow Guild, 1 Bourne Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5HD

Hosted by the Wilmslow Guild AV Group
in association with the Great Northern Festival AV Group

The Adjudication Panel were:-

  • Robert Albright Chairman
  • Howard Bagshaw
  • Martin Fry
  • Christine Widdall
  • Gordon Jenkins

The Friday was the Judging by Christine Widdall of Wilmslow Guild AV Group Annual Competition.
On Saturday a PicturesToExe Workshop was held followed by an advisory session for the PAGB Awards.
A selection of recent APM award winning Sequences were viewed to show the level required for acceptance.
Work by prospective entrants for future awards were shown and the Adjudication Panel gave constructive comments.

On Sunday 6 applications for CPAGB/AV were viewed with 2 being successful
6 DPAGB/AV applications with 3 being successful, and 2 MPAGB Applications (1 joint) with sadly neither being succesful.

Present to receive their awards were:- L to R - DPAGB/AV - Mike Edwards, Chris White, Mark Allen, Roger Parry (PAGB Vice President), CPAGB/AV - Howard Wilson. Mike Pill CPAGB/AV could not be present.

PAGB/AV Awards
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IAC Peter Coles International

Was held on Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th March 2019
at The Community Centre, Capel Curig, North Wales LL24 0EE

Organised by the North Wales & Wirral AV Group

The Jury for this event were:-

  • Richard Brown
  • Lilian Webb
  • Graham Sergeant

The top Awards went to:-

Gold Medal Fragments of Memory Ron Davies UK
Silver Medal Tragedy Of Doolough Margaret Finlay IRE
Bronze Medal Beyond the Wall Alastair Taylor UK
Best First Time Entrant
  The End Of All Our Exploring Mark Allen UK

Next Year's Event will be held on 7th & 8th March 2020

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Page Updated : 14th October 2019

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