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The 16th Great Northern Festival

Was held at Wilmslow Guild Adult Education Centre

3rd to 5th December 2010

The Jury for this event were:-

  • Ian Bateman Chairman of the Jury
  • John Rowell
  • Howard Bagshaw

The top Awards went to:-

Gold Medal The Loves I Have Martin Fry
Silver Medal Tony Bramham Colin Balls
Bronze Medal The Legacy Robert Albright
George & Doreen Pollock Medal - Restricted Category Award
  Letters From Wilfred Keith Storey

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The 19th RPS International Audio-Visual Festival

Was held at The Royal Agricultural College Cirencester

17th to 19th September 2010

The International Jury for this event were:-

  • Eddie Spence (UK) Chairman of the Jury
  • Eric Kellens (Belgium)
  • Marion Waine (UK)
  • Igor Kokarev (Russia)

The top Awards went to:-

Gold Medal Migrant Mother Howard Bagshaw UK
Silver Medal Your Star Peter Coles UK
Bronze Medal And Never Cackled Richard Brown UK
George & Doreen Pollock Medal - Best First Time Entrant
  Blackburn Diva Sheila Davies UK

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Dobson Henry Medals

The RPS AV Group awarded two Dobson Henry Medals at the RPS International Festival in Cirencester. These medals are given for services to AV and were presented by Keith Scott AV Group Chairman.
The recipients were Igor Kokarev and Maurice & Liliane Dorikens

Igor Kokarev Citation for Igor Kokarev (PDF)
Maurice Dorikens Citation for Maurice & Liliane Dorikens (PDF)

Qualifications for Receiving and Previous Recipients (PDF)

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PicturesToExe Deluxe 6.5 Released
Adds Audio Editing, HD and Interface Refinements

August 4th 2010

WnSoft has announced the release of PicturesToExe Deluxe 6.5 The new version adds more extensive audio editing and manipulation support, animated GIFs, interface improvements and video output options (1080p uploads to YouTube, as well as iPad and iPhone 4 support).
No-hassle audio editing + sharing on HD and mobile devices.

What’s New in PicturesToExe Deluxe 6.5

The new version adds support for crossfading between audio clips,
multi-tracks, lossless fade and timing tools and more for audio perfectionists. Time offsets, start times and simultaneous playback allow planning soundtracks down to the second without losing quality due to processing. PicturesToExe Deluxe does not lose any visual quality either, even at such high resolutions as 1920x1080, and the new version makes it easy to share this high quality with others. H.264 video uploaded to YouTube is now in 1080p format (increased from 780p), offering even more detail.
Another highly requested feature was output for display on the latest iPad and iPhone 4 from Apple - and the developers delivered HD quality for these users as well.
Users without HD devices can still take advantage of other new features, such as the new version's support for animated GIFs (and even PNGs and JPEGs).

Key Features

  • Audio Editing and Manipulations
  • Crossfading between audio clips
  • Multi-tracks and simultaneous playback
  • Tools for editing of an audio clip
    (start time, duration, fade in, fade out, time offset, etc)
  • Envelope Tool for an audio clip
  • Animated GIF Support
  • Video Output for iPad and iPhone 4
  • 1080p for YouTube Output
  • FullHD quality for your slideshows now

See the PTE website for more details

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AV Lecturers and Judges

The RPS AV Group committee would like to draw up a list of specialist AV Lecturers and Judges, for publication on the RPS web pages and also in the AV News Magazine, for the benefit of AV Groups, Camera Clubs and Photographic Society Syllabus Secretaries.
If you have a suitable lecture, are willing to visit such organizations and willing to have such details published then please contact the RPS AV Group

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Competition Results 2010

Competition Results from 2010. Results are listed below.
Detailed reports are in the Magazine

  • Western Counties Photographic Federation - WCPF
    23rd January 2010 - Results
  • Midland Counties Photographic Federation - MidPhot
    30th January 2010 - Results
  • Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union - L&CPU
    20th February 2010 - Results
  • East Anglian
    20th March 2010 - Results
  • 2nd MFFC Salon - South Africa
    6th April 2010 - Results
  • Bridgend 5To8
    19th April 2010 - Results
  • Tropheé de Paris
    29th May 2010 - Results
  • 321 International Challenge
    27th June 2010 - UK Results - Overall Results
  • 49th Epinal
    24-26th September 2010 - Results
  • 3rd Flanders Image Festival
    9-10th October 2010 - Results
  • PAGB AV Awards
    16th October 2010 - Results

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IAC Geoffrey Round AV Competition 2010

Was held on Saturday & Sunday 20th & 21st March 2010
at The Community Centre, Capel Curig, North Wales LL24 0EE

Organised by the North Wales & Wirral AV Group

This Year's Jury were :-

  • Ron Davies
  • Suzanne Walker
  • Howard Gregory

The top Awards went to:-

Gold Medal The Quiet One Keith Brown UK
Silver Medal The Last Great Steam Show on Earth Colin Balls UK
Bronze Medal Migrant Mother Howard Bagshaw UK
George & Doreen Pollock Medal - Best First Time Entrant
  Lola, le petit Prince et Moi Christian & Danièlè Brion FR

A Selection of the award winning entries will be shown at BIAFF 2010
(British International Amateur Film Festival) on Friday 16th April 2010, at Bedford Park Inn Hotel, Bedford

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FIAP Year Book

We would like to publish the AV FIAP 2010 yearbook for the beginning of 2010. Indeed last AV FIAP yearbook is already 4 years old (2006) As the number of AV FIAP festivals decreases, it is not necessary to publish the yearbook every two years. AV FIAP yearbook includes all authors of the world and all their rewarded works during FIAP sponsored festivals from 1961 to 2010. Analogical and numerical works are recorded separately, but the statistics include both types of projection. As the information recorded over the past 4 years are material and interesting, we plan to publish the yearbook providing 60 people at least are interested.

The cost is 8 €uros + 2 €uros (minimum) for mailing cost.
If we can collect a minimum of 60 requests, the yearbook will be published. According to the answers provided, we will inform you of the publication.

Jean-Paul Guibal, National leader FPF
Jean-Pierre Simon, Statistics AV FIAP

If you are interested to purchase the AV FIAP 2010 yearbook, please confirm by email to :

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