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Competition Results 2017

Competition Results from 2017. Results are listed below.

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23rd Great Northern Festival 2017

Was held on Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December 2017
at The Hough End Centre, Mauldeth Road West, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 7SX

The Friday evening saw a presentation by Liam Sanderson of Wales High School near Sheffield

Wales High School

He gave an insight into this South Yorkshire school and it's unique reputation for producing professional quality films.

Liam is the Technical Tutor for the Film and Media Studies A-level qualifications and presented a varied selection of award-winning films that have been screened at film festivals around the world.
His talk showed films made with the help of his students, working in front and behind the camera, and films produced individually by his students for their studies.

This subjects were interesting and some thought provoking, but what stood out were the Production techniques, attention to detail and superb use of music and sound effects. Things that apply equally to film and AV productions. If you missed his talk, then you can view some of the films on the school's YouTube Channel at

On Saturday & Sunday the two Competitions were judged
'New Horizons' (Restricted Entry) & 'Great Northern' (open)

The Jury for this event were:-

  • Howard Bagshaw Chairman of the Jury
  • Bryan Stubbs
  • Andy Polakowski

The top Awards went to:-

Great Northern Competition
PAGB Gold Medal Matthew Loney’s Miracle Judith Kimber  
PAGB Silver Medal In Search of Christina Richard Brown  
PAGB Bronze Medal One Stroke at a Time Colin Balls  
Howard Gregory Memorial Trophy
Most Creative Soundtrack
  In Search of the Blues Alan Boothman  
AV-Dialog Trophy
Best Story Without Words
  Matthew Loney’s Miracle Judith Kimber  
New Horizons Competition
George & Doreen Pollock Medal Winner
  For The Love of Sarah Jean Mills  
2nd Place Toeing The Line Judith Sulley  
3rd Place A Really Good Walk Robert Sherrard  

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RPS 20th National AV Championship

Was held on Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th September 2017
at Leeds Trinity University LS18 5HD

The Jury for this event were:-

  • Edgar Gibbs
  • Marion Waine
  • James Hamill

The top Awards went to:-

Gold Medal Beeswing Graham Sergeant
Silver Medal In Search of Christina Richard Brown
Bronze Medal God's Paintbrush Malcolm Imhoff
George & Doreen Pollock Medal
  Matthew Loney's Miracle Judith Kimber

The RPS AV Group awarded a Dobson Henry Medal at the National Championships. This medal is given for services to AV and the recipients were Linda & Edgar Gibbs

Linda & Edgar Gibbs Citation for Linda & Edgar Gibbs (PDF)

Qualifications for Receiving and Previous Recipients (PDF)

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Another loss to AV - Maurice Dorikens

Maurice Dorikens

It is with great sadness that we inform you of yet another loss to our AV community.

Maurice Dorikens passed away on 19th May 2017.

Maurice was well know in AV circles both in Europe and the UK. He was President of FIAP from 1985 to 1991.
He founded and was chairman of the DCB AV Group in Belgium, edited their Newsletters and organised the Flanders Image Festival.
Along with his late wife Liliane they were regular attenders of the RPS Internationals and other UK festivals. In 2010 they were both awarded the Dobson Henry Medal by the RPS AV Group.

Words from Paul Dorikens about his Father (PDF)

Our condolences and thoughts are with the family.

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IAC Peter Coles International

Was held on Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th March 2017
at The Community Centre, Capel Curig, North Wales LL24 0EE

Organised by the North Wales & Wirral AV Group

The Jury for this event were:-

  • Malcolm Imhoff
  • Linda Gibbs
  • Edgar Gibbs

The top Awards went to:-

Gold Medal Kelpies Howard Bagshaw UK
Silver Medal The Land God Made in Anger Howard & Carole Bagshaw UK
Bronze Medal Eric Jenny & Malcolm Gee UK
George & Doreen Pollock Medal - Best First Time Entrant
  Journey of the Soul Rita Nolan IRE

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Another loss to AV - Maureen Albright

Maureen Albright

It is with great sadness that we inform you of yet another loss to our AV community.

Maureen Albright passed away peacefully on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

Maureen was a major contributor to AV over the years and hosted many events at Albourne.
She was keen to involve young people & in 2008 set up the IRIS 25 competition.
Maureen was well known on the PTE Forum and was always willing to help people with queries.
She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Our condolences and thoughts are with Robert.

Donations to the Prospect Hospice:

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PicturesToExe 9.0 Released

February 2017

WnSoft has announced the release of PicturesToExe Version 9

What’s New in PicturesToExe Deluxe 9

Key Features

  • New editor of animation
    - brand-new editor of animation with improved design and new great features
    - Timeline panel can show all keyframes for selected objects on multiple tracks
    - You can simultaneously add changes to multiple objects in the Properties Tab
    - Added multi-selection of keyframes.
    You can move or delete selected keyframes, and add changes in the Animation tab
  • New animation parameters
    - Each group of parameters (Pan, Zoom, Rotate, Opacity, etc)
    can be assigned or excluded from a keyframe.
    You can uncheck a group of parameters to exclude it from the animation
    - Added Modifiers for animation of objects.
    A modifier can simplify creation of a complex animation
    - Improved work with speeds of objects (Linear, Smooth, Accelerate, Decelerate, and custom).
    Speed parameters are now part of Modifiers
    - Added a new kind of animation - Framing.
    It allows you to create a zoom in a frame. See Animation tab
  • New Color filters
    - Adjust brightness, contrast, levels, saturation, lightness, and hue for images and videos
    - Mix several colors filters together to get the required visual effect
    - Change color filters dynamically at keyframes
    - Colors filters do not affect the performance, because PicturesToExe uses hardware acceleration
  • Improved Masks
    - New structure of a Mask container: Mask Stencil and Mask Content
    - Ability to use any object (including Text and Rectangle objects) in a Mask Stencil
    - New option Convert to Alpha image for an object in a Mask Stencil allows you to mix mask objects with additive effect. If you untick this option, mask layer can create a negative effect to hide objects in a Mask content
  • Color management
    - Added support of color profiles in JPEG and PNG images
    - Color management also for Rectangles, Borders, Shadows and Texts
    - PicturesToExe now supports output for Adobe RGB displays
    and output for displays with custom color profiles.
    Color management works in PicturesToExe in the full-screen preview
    and in executable files. See Preferences > System
    - Color management does not affect the performance because PicturesToExe uses hardware acceleration
  • Improved Video Output
    - Improved visual quality of video
    - File size is reduced to 20-50% with same visual quality
    - Video encoding works faster
    - Added HTML5 video output
  • Improved Transition Effects
    - New built-in transition effects
    - Creation of custom transition effects is improved
    - Custom transition effects now can be stored in the global storage or in a project
    - Custom transition can include several variants (directions)
    - Added “Splitter for background objects” for use in custom transition effects
  • Improved Slide Styles
    - Author of a new slide style can add his name and commentary
    - New built-in slide styles. New beautiful slide styles for wedding photographers
  • Improved performance
    - Smoother animation of large images, especially on slow computers
    - PicturesToExe opens a project 30% faster
    - New Objects and animation editor works faster with heavy projects
  • Other enhancements
    - New Find Missing Files window.
    Ability to find and recover broken links to files of a project
    - Added export of all soundtrack to a single MP3 or WAV file
    - New Welcome demo and Sample project
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Page Updated : 21st December 2017

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