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Results from the 19th RPS International Audio-Visual Festival

Held at the The Royal Agricultural College Cirencester

17th to 19th September 2010

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The International Jury were Eddie Spence Chair of Jury (UK), Eric Kellens (Belgium)
Marion Waine (UK) & Igor Kokarev (Russia)

88 Sequences were entered with 74 accepted for showing
Categories (Entered/Accepted):-
A = Documentary & Tourism - 39/35, B = Theme & Fiction - 18/14
C = Music, Poetry & Song - 21/16, D= Humour - 10/9

Countries (Entered/Accepted):-
UK - 61/52, France - 7/6, Australia 4/3, Switzerland - 3/3, South Africa - 3/2, Italy - 2/2, Belgium - 2/2,
Norway - 2/1, Netherlands - 1/1, Ireland - 1/1, Germany - 1/1, New Zealand - 1/0

There were 10 countries represented by members of the Audience

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The Awards - Presented by Rosemary Wilman, President of the RPS
FICS Medal Presented by John Willett, President of FICS
Best Creative Presented by Barbara Mullins
First Time Medal Presented by Sir George Pollock

Gold Medal Winner Howard Bagshaw Silver Medal Winner Peter Coles Bronze Medal Winner Richard Brown Best First Time Entrant Sheila Davies Best Sound Robert Albright Best Creative Imagery - Colin Balls Martin Fry Best Documentary & Best Theme Ron Davies & Julie England - Commended Valerie Rawlins - Commended Malcolm Imhoff - Commended

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All Photographs © Editors

No./Cat   Sequence Author Country Award
65/D Migrant Mother Howard Bagshaw UK Gold Medal
51/M Your Star Peter Coles UK Silver Medal
46/D And Never Cackled Richard Brown UK Bronze Medal
  George & Doreen Pollock Medal
6/M Blackburn Diva Sheila Davies UK Best First Time Entrant
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Category Prizes - RPS Ribbon  
14/D The Loves I Have Martin Fry UK Best Documentary/Tourism
53/T The Mousehole Cat Martin Fry UK Best Theme & Fiction
6/M Blackburn Diva Sheila Davies UK Best Music, Poetry & Song
50/H Red Rock Adri Van Oudheusen South Africa Best Humour
Special Awards  
21/D Tony Bramham Colin Balls UK Best Creative Imagery
(The Doug Mullins Award)
55/M Solitary Spirits Giacomo Cicciotti Italy Best Photography
(Silver Salver & RPS Ribbon)
70/T The Legacy Robert Albright UK Most Creative Soundtrack
(FICS Medal & RPS Ribbon)
Commended - 5 Equally placed  
7/D Rapa Nui Julie England and Ron Davies UK
32/H Crabbed Age and Youth Valerie Rawlins UK
58/D Land of The Thunder Dragon Malcolm Imhoff UK
67/D The Last Witness Dirk Vancoille Bel
68/D Oranges and Lemons Dave Wilcox UK
Audience Vote  
14/D The Loves I Have Martin Fry UK Session 1
21/D Tony Bramham Colin Balls UK Session 2
53/T The Mousehole Cat Martin Fry UK Session 3
68/D Oranges and Lemons Dave Wilcox UK Session 4
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No Title Category Author(s) Country
Friday 17th September at 14.30
First Projection Session
1 African Tour M Christian Hendrickx & Andre Teyck Bel
2 Letters From Wilfred M Keith Storey UK
3 Postcards From Padstow D Robert Brisley UK
4 The Old Yew Tree D Dini van Gent NL
5 Strictly Come Samba M Gordon Gray NI
6 Blackburn Diva M Sheila Davies UK
7 Rapa Nui D Julie England & Ron Davies UK
8 Mean Street Blues D Mike Kersting UK
9 The Lost Indians of Patagonia T Jean-Pierre Simon FR
10 Illuminess M Howard Gregory UK
11 Another Lovelier World D Tony Spiers UK
12 Perhaps H Valerie Rawlins UK
13 A Place for Reflection D Barbara Butler AUS
14 The Loves I Have M Martin Fry UK
15 King Lalibela D Jeff Morris SA
16 The Nightmare T Brian Harvey UK
17 Colour Wash M Peter Coles, Valerie & Chris Elliott UK
18 The Untouchable D Robert Albright UK
19 Reflections of War D Viv Woolnough UK
20 The Expert H Erhard Hobrecker SWI
Saturday 18th September at 09.30
Second Projection Session
21 Tony Bramham D Colin Balls UK
22 A Song Without Words M Allan Green UK
23 The Boathouse D Mike Woolnough UK
24 Bulerias M Antonio Mangiarotti ITA
25 Life With The Lions D Lee Broderick UK
26 Steelsymphony T Werner Hoffmann SWI
27 A Devon Delight D Linda & Edgar Gibbs UK
28 The Beams Is Very Low H Carol & Dave Gillow UK
29 Michael T Keith Leedham UK
30 One Man's Vision D Dick Williams UK
31 The Letter T John & Judith Hodgson AUS
32 Crabbed Age And Youth H Valerie Rawlins UK
33 Penny Farm D Julie England UK
34 Hidden Depths D Len Deeley UK
35 From Out Of Rubble D Barbara Butler AUS
36 One Helluva Trip T Keith Scott UK
37 Lola The Little Prince and I D Christian Brion FR
38 Escape T Suzanne Walker UK
Saturday 18th September at 14.30
Third Projection Session
39 Arthur's Secret D Sheila Davies UK
40 The Duel D Bryan Stubbs UK
41 Togetherness - A Walk in the Midnight Sun D Bill Bruce NOR
42 Georges Bizet or Lost Illusions Claudine & Jean-Pierre Durand FR
43 Lucian H Maurice Guidicelli FR
44 "It Was All So Different---" T Howard Gregory UK
45 In Search of Moya D James Hamill NI
46 And Never Cackled D Richard Brown UK
47 Bernese Walks D Malcolm & Jenny Gee UK
48 The Fast Food Song H Jake Pursey UK
49 A Letter From the Front  D Raymond Hughes NI
50 Red Rock H Adri van Oudheusden SA
51 Your Star M Peter Coles UK
52 Morning is Breaking M Ian Bateman UK
53 The Mousehole Cat T Martin Fry UK
54 The Sun T Alan Lyons IRE
55 Solitary Spirits M Giacomo Cicciotti ITA
56 Postcard From Ireland T Kate Brown UK
57 Connecting M Alan Boothman UK
58 Land of the Thunder Dragon D Malcolm Imhoff UK
59 A Christmas Carol D Jill K. Bunting UK
60 Little Domestic Quarrels H Jean Paul Petit FR
Sunday 19th September at 09.30
Fourth Projection Session
61 Pride of the North D Allan Potts UK
62 Crawford's Burn M Jack Thompson NI
63 The Exploits of The Man of the Winds D Laure Gigou FR
64 I Believe M Keith Leedham UK
65 Migrant Mother D Howard Bagshaw UK
66 All Along The South Coast H Len Deeley UK
67 The Last Witness D Dirk Vancoillie BEL
68 Oranges & Lemons D Dave Wilcox UK
69 Gettysburg 1863 D John Holt UK
70 The Legacy T Robert Albright UK
71 Antarctica D Mike Reed UK
72 Le Jour oú la Colombe M Erhard Hobrecker SWI
73 The Photograph T Brian Harvey UK
74 Fresh & Healthy T Andrea & Matthias Pfister GER

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