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Results from the 2010 IAC Geoffrey Round Competition

Held at Capel Curig Community Centre, Capel Curig, North Wales, LL24 0EE

March 20th & 21st 2010

Hosted by The North Wales & Wirral AV Group

The Judges were Ron Davies FRPS FIPF EFIAP FACI(M), Suzanne Walker ARPS & Howard Gregory

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Full List of Entries & Sequence Synopsis (PDF)

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Awards presented by Don Langford LRPS CPAGB APAGB President of the PAGB

The Judges, Suzanne Walker ARPS, Ron Davies FPRS - Chairman & Howard Gregory The Technical Team - Jill K. Bunting CPAGB & John Smith CPAGB APAGB The Awards First Place Trophy First Place Prize Second Place Trophy Second Place Prize Silver Medal Winner Colin Balls FRPS Third Place Prize Bronze Medal Winner Howard Bagshaw ARPS Jill K. Bunting CPAGB - Honorable Mention PAGB Ribbon Richard Brown FRPS - Honorable Mention PAGB Ribbon Visitors from abroad - L to R - Barbara Pickford (Scotland), Jeff Morris (South Africa), Maurice Dorikens (Belgium),
		   David Pickford (Scotland), Lilian Webb & Evelyn Daly (Ireland) & Willem van de Berg (Netherlands)

All Photographs © The Editors

Entry    Sequence Author Country Award
13 The Quiet One Keith Brown UK Gold Medal
54 The Last Great Steam Show on Earth Colin Balls UK Silver Medal
38 Migrant Mother Howard Bagshaw UK Bronze Medal
  George & Doreen Pollock Medal
59 Lola, le petit Prince et Moi Cristian & Danièlè Brion France Best First Time Entrant
32 The Farewell Cezary Dubiel Poland 2nd place Best First Time Entrant
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6 Equally Placed Honorable Mentions PAGB Ribbon
16 Paris l'Attente Ricardo Zarate France  
21 Little Domestic Quarrels Jean Paul Petit France  
24 A Christmas Carol Jill K. Bunting UK  
26 Blackburn Diva Sheila Davies UK  
35 And Never Cackled Richard Brown UK  
48 5 bis rue de Verneuil Christian Hendrickx & Andre Teyck Belgium  
6 Equally Placed Judge's Mention Certificate
14 About Us Henk Tulp NL  
30 Mysts of Avalon Eddie Spence UK  
41 Land of the thunder Dragon Malcolm Imhoff UK  
42 Eternity Peter Coles UK  
49 Neverland John Rowell UK  
52 One Helluva Trip Keith Scott UK  
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Audience Vote
38 Migrant Mother Howard Bagshaw UK 1st
35 And Never Cackled Richard Brown UK 2nd
59 Lola, le petit Prince et Moi Cristian & Danièlè Brion France 3rd

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Full List of Entries, Synopsis & Results

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