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Results from the 20th RPS International Audio-Visual Festival

Held at the The Royal Agricultural College Cirencester

14th to 16th September 2012

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The International Jury were Martin Fry Chair of Jury (UK), John Willet (UK)
Jaques van de Weerdt (Belgium) & Jean-Paul Petit (France)

86 Sequences were entered with 78 accepted for showing
Categories (Entered/Accepted):-
A = Documentary & Tourism - 41/35, B = Theme & Fiction - 28/14
C = Music, Poetry & Song - 11/16, D= Humour - 6/5

Countries (Entered/Accepted):-
UK - 52/46, South Africa - 7/6, France - 6/6, Australia 6/6, Ireland - 4/3, Switzerland - 3/3, Italy - 2/2,
Norway - 2/2, Netherlands - 2/2, Belgium - 1/1, USA - 1/1

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The Awards - Presented by Roy Robertson, President of the RPS

Gold Medal Trophy Keith Leedham - Gold Medal Winner & Audience Vote Session 2 The Judges, John Willett, Martin Fry, Jean-Paul Petit and Jaques van de Weerdt MC - Ian Bateman Technical Team - Keith Leedham and Dick Williams Howard Bagshaw & Jeff Mansell Best Documentary & Audience Vote Session 3 Roger Mallison - Best Humour Edgar & Linda Gibbs - Commended & Audience Vote Session 4 Howard Gregory - Commended Richard Brown - Commended Audience Visitors from Abroad - Ireland, Finland, Switzerland & Australia

All Photographs © Editors

No./Cat   Sequence Author Country Award
34/T For The Sake of Example Keith Leedham UK Gold Medal
41/T Beewun Patrick Rottiers Fr Silver Medal
4/T And If I Dared Denys Quélever Fr Bronze Medal
  George & Doreen Pollock Medal
40/H Balloon Fantasy André Malet Fr Best First Time Entrant
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Category Prizes - RPS Ribbon  
51/D Special Jeff Mansell & Howard Bagshaw UK Best Documentary/Tourism
47T Le 203eme Jour Christian & Daniele Brion Fr Best Theme & Fiction
78/M Passent Les Jours Jean Louis Terrienne Fr Best Music, Poetry & Song
59/H The Street Roger Mallinson UK Best Humour
Special Awards  
33/M Land of Cold Coasts Bill Bruce Norway Best Photography
(Silver Salver & RPS Ribbon)
19/T Modi Christian Hendrickx Belgium Most Creative Soundtrack
(FICS Medal & RPS Ribbon)
Commended - 5 Equally placed  
16/D This Land Raymond Hughes Northern Ireland
46/M An Eye For An Eye Giacomo Cicciotti Italy
48/D Hot Water Howard Gregory UK
56/D The Man Who Saw The Future Richard Brown UK
60/D Thomas Linda & Edgar Gibbs UK
Audience Vote  
19/T Modi Christian Hendrickx Belgium Session 1
34/T For The Sake of Example Keith Leedham UK Session 2
51/D Special Jeff Mansell & Howard Bagshaw UK Session 3
60/D Thomas Linda & Edgar Gibbs UK Session 4
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No. Title Category Author(s)
First Time Entrant (F)
Friday 14th September at 14.30
First Projection Session
1 The Polygynist From Kij-Kij T Johan Nieman (F) SA
2 Lest We Forget D Joan Ryder-Rathband (F) UK
3 Leonard At Lissadell D Yvonne Acheson (F) IRE
4 And If I Dared T Denys Quelever (F) Fr
5 Lead Mining in Weardale D Peter Appleton (F) UK
6 Namibia D Dave Wilcox UK
7 From Snow to Sea D Malcolm & Jenny Gee UK
8 A Strange Beauty D John & Judith Hodgson Aus
9 What Might Have Been T James Hamill UK Ni
10 Pirates H Carol & Dave Gillow UK
11 Our Beautiful Daughter Annie T Eddie Spence UK
12 If You Leave Me Now M Piet Huijgens NL
13 The Jewel in the Crown D Kate Brown UK
14 Future Dreams-Living Themes T Werner Hoffmann SW
15 Early Morning At Taj Mahal D Barbara Fleming UK
16 This Land D Raymond Hughes UK Ni
17 Gnossienne No1 M Malcolm Imhoff UK
18 The Hope D Barb Butler Aus
19 Modi T Christian Hendrickx Bel
20 The Window Cleaner H Bob Bishop (F) UK
Saturday 15th September at 9.30
Second Projection Session
21 Betrayal D Robert Albright UK
22 Flight of Light M Ines Roberts USA
23 Ride to the Wall D Howard Bagshaw UK
24 Memory of Trees M Adri Van Oudheusden SA
25 Monsignor Benedict's Vision D Adrian Murphy (F) UK
26 Lake Of Tears T Erhard Hobrecker SW
27 The Ascent of Skiddaw T John Holt UK
28 Five Bells T John Hodgson Aus
29 Yellowstone - The Sacred Land M Brian Jeffs UK
30 An Honourable Man D Keith Storey & Ron Davies UK
31 The Magic Touch T Colin Balls UK
32 Speed Painting on the Costa Brava D Ian Bateman UK
33 Land of Cold Coasts M Bill Bruce Nor
34 For The Sake of Example T Keith Leedham UK
35 Is Feidir Linn D Lilian Webb (F) IRE
36 Vanishing Point T Bernard Turnbull UK
37 A Very Special Job D Sheila Davies UK
38 Memories In The Mist T Mike Woolnough UK
39 Lament of the High Country D Barb Butler Aus
40 Balloon Fantasy H Andre Malet (F) Fr
Saturday 15th September at 14.30
Third Projection Session
41 Beewun T Patrick Rottiers (F) Fr
42 Madeira Blooms D Malcolm & Jenny Gee UK
43 Clouds D Peter Allen UK
44 Frozen in Time D Dick Williams UK
45 Paris D Sheila Haycox UK
46 An Eye For an Eye M Giacomo Cicciotti IT
47 Le 203 ème Jour T Christian & Danièle Brion Fr
48 Hot Water D Howard Gregory UK
49 The Grief of Grytviken D Dave Wilcox UK
50 The Silver Spoon T Jeff Morris SA
51 Special D Jeff Mansell & Howard Bagshaw UK
52 Work Makes Free T Gabriele Pinardi IT
53 End of an Industry T Barbie Lindsay UK
54 Keiko's Springtimes D Jean-Pierre Simon Fr
55 The Gatekeeper T Brian Harvey UK
56 The Man Who Saw The Future D Richard Brown UK
57 The Enchanted Wood T Brendan O'Sullivan (F) IRE
58 Inspired By The Landscape D Suzanne Walker UK
59 The Street H Roger Mallison UK
Sunday 16th September at 9.30
Fourth Projection Session
60 Thomas D Linda & Edgar Gibbs UK
61 My Valley D Carol Packwood (F) Aus
62 The Children of Missionvale M Adri Van Oudheusden SA
63 Art As Communication-The World of Coni Schmid T Werner Hoffmann SW
64 A Glimpse into the Life of Rural Asia D Sheila Haycox UK
65 Bethulie D Jeff Morris SA
66 A Breath of Sea Air? D Mike Kersting UK
67 Time T Keith Leedham UK
68 On The Beach M Bill Bruce Nor
69 Little Ted's Birthday Surprise H Jill K. Bunting & John Smith UK
70 Grease, Gaskets & Gears D Keith & Kate Brown UK
71 The Stain in the Snow T Malcolm Imhoff UK
72 This Must Never Occur Again D Piet Huijgens NL
73 Abandoned T Toni Ballotta (F) SA
74 Arkadi D Judith Hodgson Aus
75 Lest We Forget D Bob Bishop (F) UK
76 Once Upon a Time in Mallorca D Eddie Spence UK
77 A Visit to Staffa & Fingle's Cave D Chris Bate (F) UK
78 Passent les jours M Jean Louis Terrienne Fr

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