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Results from the 16th National Audio-Visual Championships

Held at the The Premier Inn, Braunstone, Leicester

19th and 20th September 2009

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The Jury were Keith Scott - Chairman, John Rowell and Howard Gregory

73 Sequences were entered with 63 accepted for showing

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The Awards - Presented by Keith Scott, Chairman of the Jury
Federation, Club & Audience Vote Awards Presented by Peter Brown, Chairman of the NAVC Organising Committee

The Prizes The Gold Medal Gold Medal Winner Robert Albright The Silver Medal Silver Medal Winner Eddie Spence The Bronze Medal Bronze Medal Winner Keith Brown The George & Doreen Pollock Medal Best First Time Entrant Howard Bagshaw Highly Commended - Richard Brown Highly Commended - Valerie Rawlins Highly Commended - Linda & Edgar Gibbs Commended - Sheila Davies The Judges - Keith Scott, John Rowell, Howard Gregory

Audience & Guests at the Gala Dinner

All Photographs © Editors

No.   Sequence Author Award
13 The Legacy Robert Albright RPS Gold Medal
41 Isadora’s Legacy Eddie Spence RPS Silver Medal
57 The Quiet One Keith Brown RPS Bronze Medal
  George & Doreen Pollock Medal
17 Tough Guy Howard Bagshaw Best First Time Entrant
Highly Commended - NAVC Plaque  
37 Perhaps Valerie Rawlins  
38 And Never Cackled Richard Brown  
62 Talbot House Linda & Edgar Gibbs  
Commended - RPS Ribbon  
 5 Beyond Hosta Frost Peter Coles  
22 Arthur’s Secret Sheila Davies  
51 The Gathering Ian Bateman  
Audience Vote - PAGB Ribbon  
13 The Legacy Robert Albright Session 1
22 Arthur’s Secret Sheila Davies Session 2
37 Perhaps Valerie Rawlins Session 3
62 Talbot House Linda & Edgar Gibbs Session 4
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Points awarded for the Club & Federation Championships
1st Prize - 10 points, 2 prize - 8 points, 3rd prize - 6 points
All other awards, HC & C - 4 points, All other entries - 1 point
The Club Championship is decided on the average points from the best 5 entries from the club
A minimum of 3 entrants per club is required to qualify
Not more than 2 sequences per author to be considered
Qualifying Clubs & entries were - Leeds AV Group/10; East Midlands AV Group/9; Essex AV Group/7
The Federation Championship is decided on the average points from the best 5 entries from 5 different entrants
From a minimum of 2 different clubs
The entrant is the first named on the entry form
Qualifying Federations with number of clubs/entrants/sequences were -
EAF/2/7/8; MCPF/6/15/18; WCPF/4/6/6; YPU/2/7/12
Champion Club  
1st Leeds & District AV Group   PAGB Gold Medal
Joint 2nd Essex AV Group   PAGB Silver Medal
Joint 2nd East Midlands AV Group   PAGB Bronze Medal
Champion Federation  
1st YPU    - Yorkshire Photographic Union
2nd WCPF - Western Counties Photographic Federation
3rd MCPF - Midland Counties Photographic Federation
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Acceptances # indicates First Time Entrant List of Entries (PDF)
Sat Sept 19th - 1st Projection Session - 9.30am
No. Author Sequence Club Federation
 1 Len Deeley The Wilderbeast Trail Mid Thames   ---
 2 Philip Barker As delicate as a butterfly Wilmslow Guild L&CPU
 3 Christine & John Hales # Wish you were here Kingsbridge & Dist CC WCPF
 4 Peter Brown Haworth Past & present East Midlands MCPF
 5 Peter Coles Beyond Hosta Frost Leeds YPU
 6 Tony Collinson # Kirkstall Abbey Leeds YPU
 7 Dave Wilcox Oranges and Lemons Essex EAF
 8 Peggy Franks & Peter Lucas Chariots of fire East Midlands MCPF
 9 Mike Woolnough The Boathouse Essex EAF
10 Sheila Haycox # Photographing Irish Seabirds Exmouth Photo Group WCPF
11 Michael Brown # Imagination Leeds YPU
12 Jose and John Currant # She Sells Seashells East Midlands MCPF
13 Robert Albright The Legacy WAVES WCPF
14 David Johnson # Vision Fullfilled East Midlands MCPF
15 Jake Pursey # Do you love it or hate it? Essex EAF
16 Eddie Spence Mysts of Avalon Leeds YPU
17 Howard Bagshaw # Tough Guy Stafford PS MCPF
18 Bob Brisley # Ballet Dancers of the Fuschia Folkestone CC KCPA
2nd Projection Session - 2.30pm
19 John Holt # Gettysburg 1863 Wolverhampton PS MCPF
20 Ian Johnson All Ice in Wonderland Kempston CC EAF
21 Harry Hunt # The Garden Shed Wolverhampton PS MCPF
22 Sheila Davies # Arthur's Secret West Lancs L&CPU
23 Michael Brown # Snow Season Leeds YPU
24 Beth Elston # The Dash East Midlands MCPF
25 Raymond Hughes A Belfast Tale Merville Newtownabbey PC NIPA
26 Jeff Mansell & Phil Gee # A Case for Conan Doyle Stafford PS MCPF
27 Alan Bootham Connecting Newton Abbot PC WCPF
28 Bob Brisley # Hong Kong Folkestone CC KCPA
29 Keith Leedham Show Me Heaven Essex EAF
30 Tony Collinson # The Art of the Isles of Scilly Leeds YPU
31 Jose and John Currant # The Glory of the Garden East Midlands MCPF
32 Martin Fry Fire Kindled Cheltenham CC MCPF
33 Lee Broderick # An African Alphabet Derby City PC N&EMPF
34 James Nicholson # A Venitian Experience Leighton Buzzard PC CACC
35 Malcolm Imhoff The Stain in the snow East Midlands MCPF
36 Kate Brown There's a first time for everything Sheffield PS YPU
Sun Sept 20th - 3rd Projection Session - 9.30am
37 Valerie Rawlins Perhaps WAVES WCPF
38 Richard Brown And Never Cackled Fentham PS MCPF
39 Len Deeley Hidden Depths Mid Thames   ---
40 David Pickford The Flush of Spring Donside CC SPF
41 Eddie Spence Isadora's Legacy Leeds YPU
42 Jill K Bunting The Colour Thief Wilmslow Guild L&CPU
43 David Firth # The Mist and the Rime Leeds YPU
44 Bryan Stubbs The Duel Leeds YPU
45 Howard Bagshaw # Sudursveit Stafford PS MCPF
46 Maureen Albright Remembering WAVES WCPF
47 Graham Neville & Martin Janes Canary Wharf Leicester & Leics PS MCPF
48 David Clark All for the Silver Darlings Banff Art Club (Photo Sec) SPF
49 Viv Woolnough Reflections of War Essex EAF
50 Sandra Johnson # Ship of the fens East Midlands MCPF
51 Ian Bateman The Gathering Wantage CC CACC
52 Dick Williams Top of Europe Essex EAF
53 Maggie and Malcolm Imhoff A Love Affair East Midlands MCPF
54 Philip Barker All Stations To Wilmslow Guild L&CPU
4th Projection Session - 2.30pm
55 Clare Laflin # Lincoln - The Cathedral Lincoln CC N&EMPF
56 Peter Coles Eternity Leeds YPU
57 Keith Brown The Quiet One Sheffield PS YPU
58 Carol & Dave Gillow Clarity Leighton Buzzard PC CACC
59 Keith Biggs Postman's Park Overton PC SoPF
60 David Pickford Mountain Man Donside CC SPF
61 Keith Leedham Michael Essex EAF
62 Linda & Edgar Gibbs Talbot House Gwynfa CC WPF
63 Martin Fry Camborne Steam Festival Cheltenham CC MCPF

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