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RPS IRIS-25 Event

Held at the Memorial Hall, Aldbourne, Wiltshire

June 21st & 22nd 2008

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International Review of Images with Soundtrack for Under 25 year olds

A new competition organized to promote and encourage the interest and growth of digital Audio Visual photography among young people, as a creative discipline using still photographic images.
Organised by Maureen Albright ARPS of the Wessex Branch of the Royal Photographic Society Digital Imaging Group.

Judging took place on Saturday 21st June with a total of 73 entrants in the Under 16 section and 6 entrants in the 16 to 24 year old section.

Schools and Colleges were also encouraged to send in group or individual entries with a prize awarded to the highest number of entries from one establishment.
The £50 prize was awarded to Wycombe Abbey School who sent in entries from three classes.

IRIS-25 Judges

The Judges were :-

  • Gerard Desroches EFIAP (Luxembourg)
  • Robert Albright MA FRPS (Chairman - UK)
  • Richard Brown FRPS (UK)
  • Igor Kokarev Developer of Pictures to Exe (Russia)

Unfortunately Peter Coles FRPS was unable to attend

To enable more people to learn about the art of AV a special Digital AV Day was held on Sunday 23rd June when the four judges all gave lectures about different aspects of Audio Visual production.

  • Gerard Desroches showed a variety of work from French authors
  • Richard Brown gave an interesting lecture about aspects of script writing
  • Robert Albright gave a talk about sound in AV
  • Igor Kokarev gave a lecture about the development of Pictures to Exe and a demonstration of its latest features in the newly realeased PTE 5.5 and also showed some of the features of the next version 5.6 which is currently being developed

There was also a demonstration of the latest high definition Optoma Themescene projector and Alienware computer kindly lent by WAVES AV Group to show some sequences which had been sent to the Festival by Peter Coles FRPS.

It was also noted that this year is the 50th Anniversary of the launch of AV or Diaporama, its European name.
A special 50th Gala DVD is being produced by the Haynge Group and also AV producers are being encouraged to make presentations with the theme of 50 included.

More detailed reports of the weekend will appear in the next issues of AV News

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Images from the Overall Winning Sequence by Camille Simon

Camille Simon Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3

Images from Saturday’s Competition

Some of the Audience Studying the Programme IRIS-25 Judges From the Introductory Sequence From the Introductory Sequence Robert Albright Jake Pursey Ian Bateman Maggie and Malcolm Imhoff Richard Brown and Sir George Pollock Gerard Desroches and Edgar Gibbs Brian Jeffs and Maureen Albright Igor Kokarev

Images from Saturday Evening


Images from Sunday’s Event

RPS Digital Imaging Group Banner Maureen Albright introducing the IRIS-25 Judges Audience on Sunday Audience on Sunday Richard Brown Igor being wired for Sound Igor Kokarev and Jill Bunting Igor Kokarev and Bernard Longley

All Photographs © The Editors

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The Award Winners
Sequence Author Age   Award
Overall Winner, George & Dorreen Pollock Medal & First Place aged Under 16
Une Chambre Extraordinaire
An Extraordinary Bedroom
Camille Simon from France 13 £100 plus 1 year’s
RPS Student Membership
Aged 16 to 24 First Place
Waiting For Tomorrow Laura Bateman from Oxfordshire 21 £150 plus 1 year’s
RPS Student Membership
Aged Under 16 Second Place
Here Come the Girls Christopher Ware from Kingsteignton, Devon 13 £25
Highly Commended
Wharfdale Fliers 2 Sam Hilton from York 11 £10 Book Token
Graffiti – Do You Love It or Hate It? Jake Pursey from Witham, Essex 13 £10 Book Token
Duvet - a life Backwards Hannah Greenstreet from Ealing, London 14 £10 Book Token
Kelvedon Rock Festival Jake Pursey from Witham, Essex 13 £10 Book Token
Schools/Colleges prize Wycombe Abbey School   £50

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For a Full List of entries See The IRIS-25 Website