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Samples of our Work

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These samples are just to give an idea about what we do - click on the text to watch on ‘You Tube’.

Seeing them projected at high definition on a large screen, and listening through a high quality audio system however is a totally different experience.

Come along to one of our meetings to find out!

Tough Guy

Author: Howard Bagshaw

3mins 51secs

Twice a year, thousands of competitors take part in the toughest one-day endurance event in the world. There are many hardships and obstacles for the competitors to overcome, but this sequence looks the challenge of fire and water.

1400px x 1050px

Tim Bobbin

Author: John Smith

4mins 40secs

‘Tim Bobbin’ or to give him his correct name ‘John Collier’ was a popular writer and caricaturist who was from my home village of Milnrow, near Rochdale.

He wrote in Lancashire Dialect and his poems were read all over the world.

1024px x 768px

Page 33

Author: Ray Grover

7mins 56secs

‘Compiling a ‘things to do’ list….. and on Page 33 !!

Making Progress

Author: Ray Grover

3mins 36secs

‘A disturbing Work of Art is made’

The Truth About Bananas

Author: Ray Grover

6mins 35secs

A scientific study about the storage of bananas by two young school pupils

Wildspitze in Summer

Author: Ray Grover

5mins 46secs

Climbing the second highest mountain in Austria in July 2015

Maisie makes Marmalade

Author: Ray Grover

3mins 51secs

An easy and delicious recipe for making marmalade.

Samaria in Spring

Author: Ray Grover


A trip down the Samaria Gorge in Crete during Spring 2015