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Samples of our Work

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These samples are just to give an idea about what we do - click on the box on the right edge of the task bar to show the sequence in full screen and check on the quality being displayed.

Seeing them projected at high definition on a large screen, and listening through a high quality audio system is a totally different experience - come along to find out!


Author: Howard Bagshaw

6mins 41secs

Suđersveit is a region on the south coast of Iceland, totally isolated until the 1960s by the mountains, glaciers and sea. Despite that, there has been a community living there since Viking times.

Produced as a Hi-def (1400x1050) sequence.

Tough Guy

Author: Howard Bagshaw

3mins 51secs

Twice a year, thousands of competitors take part in the toughest one-day endurance event in the world. There are many hardships and obstacles for the competitors to overcome, but this sequence looks the challenge of fire and water.

1400px x 1050px

Tim Bobbin

Author: John Smith

4mins 40secs

‘Tim Bobbin’ or to give him his correct name ‘John Collier’ was a popular writer and caricaturist who was from my home village of Milnrow, near Rochdale.

He wrote in Lancashire Dialect and his poems were read all over the world.

1024px x 768px

Garden Railway Ride

Author: John Smith

3mins 01secs

Take a tour around the garden railway at the Old Mill Farmhouse near Porthmadoc, North Wales

This has been put on to test how video works on the website and is not typical of the sequences we produce.

It will be removed once other sequences are received.

1024px x 768px

Page 33

Author: Ray Grover

7mins 56secs

‘Compiling a ‘things to do’ list….. and on Page 33 !!

Making Progress

Author: Ray Grover

3mins 36secs

‘A disturbing Work of Art is made’

The Truth About Bananas

Author: Ray Grover

6mins 35secs

A scientific study about the storage of bananas by two young school pupils

Wildspitze in Summer

Author: Ray Grover

5mins 46secs

Climbing the second highest mountain in Austria in July 2015

Maisie makes Marmalade

Author: Ray Grover

3mins 51secs

An easy and delicious recipe for making marmalade.

Samaria in Spring

Author: Ray Grover


A trip down the Samaria Gorge in Crete during Spring 2015