Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group

Meet at 7.30pm on

Friday evenings in the

Wilmslow Guild

1 Bourne Street




The objects of the Group are:

To provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relating to audio visual photography, sound recording and the production of audio visual sequences.

To encourage newcomers to AV, no matter how inexperienced, to develop their interest and enjoyment of the hobby to the limits of their ability or ambitions.

To provide an opportunity for members to show their work for constructive comment and also provide opportunities for competition among members.

To encourage more experienced members to show their work and to share their knowledge by the provision of question and answer sessions and workshops.

By the provision of a comprehensive syllabus, to allow members to develop their potential and give help and guidance to those wishing to progress to Distinctions and National and International competition level.

To involve members as far as practicable in the running of various aspects of the club, by providing a forum for the expression of personal views and suggestions for the improvement of the group in the interest of the general membership.

To raise awareness of, and interest in AV, in the general public.

To broaden the horizons of all audio visual activities.


Then why not pay us a visit - you can obtain further information by emailing us at:

Email: committee@wilmslowguildav.org.uk

or John Smith

Email: webmaster@wilmslowguildav.org.uk

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The Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group


Our Next Meeting is on Friday 25th May
The PAGB APM’s Advisory Evening

A night not to be missed

This evening is FREE to attend.

Details of the weekend of events that are taking place from the 25
th-27th May here at Wilmslow can be found on the ‘Special Events’ page.

The afternoon workshops from 4.30pm on anything AV have been quite successful ….. however please let us know if you are attending.

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