Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group

Meetings at 7.30pm usually fortnightly on

Friday evenings

at the

Wilmslow Guild

1 Bourne Street




The Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group


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We offer 1 to 1 afternoon workshops from 4.30pm at the Guild on our physical meeting dates and these have been quite successful …..

These can take place on- line too so let us know if you want help.

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We are planning to run a mixture of meetings this year - some will be Physical held at the Guild and some will be shared with our wider membership on Zoom.

We are also operating some Zoom meetings in conjunction with the Leeds AVG

Our Forthcoming Meetings
22nd October - Online                                            321 Top 20
This International Competition is for Sequences of 3 minutes 21 seconds or less.
We will show & discuss the top 20 entries from the 2021 event

29th October - Physical at the Guild                    Music Interpretation
Members are asked to interpret a piece of music with their own images.
A selection of music will be available in September from which you can pick one to interpret.
We will show the sequences and discuss them.

12th November - Physical at the Guild               Sound in AV
We will discuss & show various topics to do with sound.
Recording voice-overs, microphones, Text to Speech etc.

If you want to see what the club and Audio Visual are like - contact us to visit as our Guest


To provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relating to audio visual photography, sound recording and the production of audio visual sequences.

To encourage newcomers to AV, no matter how inexperienced, to develop their interest and enjoyment of the hobby to the limits of their ability or ambitions.

To provide an opportunity for members to show their work for constructive comment and also provide opportunities for competition among members.

To encourage more experienced members to show their work and to share their knowledge by the provision of question and answer sessions and workshops.

By the provision of a comprehensive syllabus, to allow members to develop their potential and give help and guidance to those wishing to progress to Distinctions and National and International competition level.

To involve members as far as practicable in the running of various aspects of the club, by providing a forum for the expression of personal views and suggestions for the improvement of the group in the interest of the general membership.

To raise awareness of, and interest in AV, in the general public.

To broaden the horizons of all audio visual activities.


Then why not pay us a visit - you can obtain further information by emailing us at:

Email: committee@wilmslowguildav.org.uk

or John Smith

Email: webmaster@wilmslowguildav.org.uk

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Joining The AV Group - You can now sign up to join the AV Group.

The web developers are still working on the new Guild system so it is not quite finalised yet, but you can now pay your membership fee  - however it is not proving very easy - therefore please follow the information below

Instructions on how to pay your Membership are available
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