Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group

Thank you for your interest in WGAVG.  

Back in 1993, most photographic societies had one or two Audio Visual workers, often working in semi-isolation.  Sometimes these societies were run by Officers with little or no interest in AV. If any AV material arrived at the club, it was sometimes binned, therefore they often didn't find out about events until after they had taken place. It was decided to create a group where like-minded photographers with an interest in AV from all these different clubs, could meet to exchange ideas and pool expertise.

Space was found at an existing adult education centre and so the ‘Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group’ (WGAVG) came into being.

It was never intended to be an alternative to photographic societies - in fact we positively encourage all our members to join their local photographic society to learn about photography. WGAVG concentrates on aspects that photo societies don't normally cover, presented by both internal and external speakers.  

At our members' sequences evenings we show and then discuss constructively work brought by members.  This is an excellent and enjoyable way for everyone to learn. You can get too close to your own work and new pairs of eyes and ears notice things you didn't.  In the light of these comments you can consider if you wish to adjust your sequence - or not.  These discussions and the members' willingness to take on board the comments made, are one of the reasons for the group's success.    

Whilst the regular meetings form the backbone of our existence, there are other activities too. From time to time special events are arranged - maybe a Saturday workshop or a public presentation. Many members are willing to help newcomers privately outside of the Guild meetings - don't be afraid to ask.  

We encourage our members to attend main stream AV events elsewhere such as the local Great Northern Festival and the RPS Nationals and Internationals. The more quality AV you see, the better.  
The AV News website has details of what's on and where.

WGAVG has members ranging from people who are completely new to AV, right through to members who compete, win and judge at National and International level. Maintaining a balanced programme which interests all is a daunting task, however we would encourage you to come to all meetings.  The more advanced ones may not apply to your interests now, but can be useful in giving you an insight of the kind of thing that can be achieved.

It's clearly impractical to have a ‘starting at the beginning’ meeting every time new members join us  - so our additional 1 to 1 sessions, run before each meeting, are aimed at helping people who are completely or relatively new to AV, or maybe those who are more experienced and may need help on a specific topic or technique.

Attending these sessions means that we can tailor the help we give to the individual ... and it keeps Friday evenings available for topics of wider interest.

We hope that this information has whetted your appetite and we look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

You are invited to come along to your first meeting as our guest, to meet all the members and see just what goes on - then hopefully you too will come and join us!

The Committee at WGAV

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